[Cycles] Strand Tests

I thought I would start a strand thread in the tests section. Post anything, hair, fur, grass, carpeting, etc.

Masked tiger fur test 20:11.51 @ 200 spp:

Feather test 7:45.21 @ 200 spp:

Beet Da Brat

Max needs a shave :smiley:

Love the orange ball. What settings did you use for the hair?

Another test - a Koosh ball

@moony: Here are the settings.

Quick uv unwrap to show the mask and the particle settings:

The node setup:

The other texture plugged in to the multiply was a variation texture I made in gimp (Im still working on making it work better). Did it to show you could paint your own patterns for tiger, leopard or any other fur. Any other questions please feel free to ask.

Love your Koosh ball. I used to have one. Lol at the fuzzy clam :smiley:

Beet Da Brat

Thanks for those - I’ll have a play. The clam is actually a hairy trimaxian drone ship :smiley:

Also duplicated the mesh and ran a forcefield.

Type: Force
Shape: Surface
Strength: 25
Seed: 72
Effect Point: Location and Rotation

Falloff: Tube
Both Z

Rest should be default.

Beet Da Brat

Nice! I really like the kush ball! How did you do the feathers? I’d assume their meshes.

Playing with cycles hair dynamics - coupled with rigid body physics.

Nice test :smiley: