Cycles Texture Paint Layers

Mmm… Substance painter replacement soon? :smiley:

Is the add-on actually creating an image layer format, or is it just replicating the current texture slots as painting layers as already works in Blender? I ask because BPainter and other add-ons just make it easier to access the texture slots and interact with them, but there is a lot of people that read ‘layers’ as being image layers like in .xcf, .psd, even .kra file formats and hoping to see them accessible from Blender’s material side.

I had hoped that eventually we would at least be able to texture paint in .exr layers and go back and forth to krita or photoshop, but using any layered format seems to need flattening to a single image before import as a texture.

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haha well a step in the right direction maybe! I hope one day once it’s complete it can find it’s way into the main branch of Blender, even though I’m not sure exactly what’s involved in making that happen. Then maybe with that exposure more people will want to contribute and move closer to the quality that Substance has

Hmm well neither exactly. At the moment it’s not creating any new type of image format, although I do want to implement an open raster importer/exporter so that it can be saved and imported to krita for example.
And it’s also not just a fancier way to access the texture paint slots (even though it does access them). Afaik the texture painting slots are only a way to access which image is currently being drawn on, but has no power to influence the draw order, opacity, blend type, or anything else, because this power is reserved for the material/nodes system. This addon creates the proper node setups to correspond with how layers are manipulated in the layer panel, as well as selecting the proper texture slot so that you’re actually painting on the correct image. I agree though that it’s limiting not being able to save to a file containing the layers but this is part of the future plan.

Hello guys! I updated the @ItalianJoy “Cycles Texture Paint Layers” addon to Blender 2.8, and added a new feature to merge visible layers. Works only with enabled Eevee.

Download: (10.3 KB)
mirror2: Google Drive


That’s super cool to see, nice job! It’s been on my to-do list to update this add-on eventually, but I was dissuaded because I was a sloppier coder back then and it’s kind of a mess to make changes to, so kudos to you for doing that. I think the next biggest step would be to write an importer/exporter for the OpenRaster file format, but with the current state of the add-on that would be kind of a nightmare to do. I think it would be a fun project to rewrite this add-on from scratch since I’ve improved a lot in my programming skills, and there still seems to be some interest in it. It may be a minute before that happens though because there’s a lot on my plate right now.

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That sounds cool! I hope you can handle it. A good layer system is very necessary.

Thank you for updating this. Lack of simple layer system has been the biggest drawback for everyone doing handpainted textures in 2.8.
If you plan to work on this more, adding way to switch to shadeless (emission) material would be helpful. Right now messing with shaders in nodetree, brakes the layer system.
As for merging layers, It would save some legwork if merged result would replace layers being merged in the stack.
Opacity slider could locked to 0-1 range instead of infinite one.

How would you call your addon?

For example:

  • Texture Paint Layers
  • EEVEE Paint Layers
  • Paint Layers

I will call it Texture Paint Layers for now on a list online

Update: Ahw, I see @Mephist0 ported it over to 2.80. Ok, thanks!

Proprio ieri sera cercavo una funzione del genere per blender, Grazie 1000!!!

Hello. I have tried the addon. It’s almost perfect.
The layer menu has all the needed options. And it makes a looot easy to paint in Blender.
However, it has an important issue who makes inusable for me.

When a new layer is created, the system creates a ‘diffuse bsdf’ node (you can see if you activate the node shader’s view).
Nowadays we use more the ‘principled bsdf’. It has more options. If you try to change it manually you can break the addon. Can’t this behaviour be changed? It’s only to replace the diffuse bsdf by principled bsdf. Just that.

Can it be with image editor also?

I changed the diffuse bsdf by principled bsdf. (10.4 KB)


Truly you are the king of kings.

Thanks for portinig this over. Any chance of uploading to github.

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Make a repo ffor this, hunting this thread for ZIPs is unbearable :wink:

You can use my repository. GitLab


Thank you for this, I will try as soon as I can :smiley:

Thanks man!
PS i got a handy addon for finding images. I think thats works nice with this one
Its not my code, but i rearranged parts and did some changes to it. To me they made more sense


Hey im Beginner in Blender , can you tell me how to install paint layer to my B
lender :frowning: thanks