Cycles Texture Paint Layers

Thank you very much to implement it, I’ll do some tests and give my feedback later.

does this repo still exist? I get an error when following the link to it at the moment

Here is the current link. GitLab


Is there any chance someone could modify this to support the emission shader for hand painted textures? Painting with viewport shading isn’t always desirable. I’ve tried to modify the node graph, but it seems to always break the blending between layers.

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I am studying Texture Paint and found this Add-On!
He’s just magnificent!
It would be a great idea to continue developing it !!!
Congratulations on the Add-On !!!

after all, can we view layers as shadeless? I’m using this add on for Hand painted texture. But I cannot preview all layers with shadeless mode. :frowning:

I have made some feature additions as it ​seems it has not been updated for a long time.
(I have separated the thread as a separate add-on because of the significant changes I made)