[Cycles] Transparency in the Mist Pass?

Hey all. Got a question for you.

We’re wanting to composite in the mist pass (or even a normalized z-depth pass) for a project we’re working on. We’re using 2D cards as leaves on the trees as well as for floating sprites. Only thing is… with the Zdepth or Mist pass they’re rendering out as solid planes, which obviously makes compositing in mist impossible because the leaves on the trees no longer render out correctly when composited together.

Anyone know of a feature or functionality that allows cycles to take into account transparent textures into the mist or zdepth calculations?

Thank you!!

After digging more found this article:

Is there any other workaround for this problem other than a custom material? Would love to not have to render out 2x the scenes, one for beauty and the other for mist.

Does this help?

Hi jace,

i have no problem with mist pass, it take transparent material into account as you can see.

blender 2.78