Cycles Transparency Not Working, 2.9

another prob w/ 2.91. i’m trying to use a texture w/ transparency for facial details, specifically eyelashes. the image is saved as a PNG w/ a transparent background and although it looks ok in preview, the render is for some reason investing the bit i want to work:

all the skin is fine, but that one specific area isn’t working :-/
my node set-up is how i think it should be

mixing the image w/ the transparent and using an Alpha mix, which is as it shows in the preview, so what am i missing that’s making the actual render not work?


I can see on the picture, that the transparency works just fine. You just have inverted channel. Switch the inputs in the shader mix node or invert the color of your texture.

Also, there is no need to mix with transparent shader. The Principled BSDF has an Alpha input, so you can simply connect your texture there.

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i have connected to the Principled, same result. i don’t know what you mean by “inverrting the channel”. the image texture has all the red skin, makeup and eyelashes painted on and a transparent background, which should show the eyelashes as per the preview. instead, the lashes are transparent but none of the skin etc is

i just tried going back to the original Miixer shader, to test, and it’s still not working. i scribbled a simple black and white image and used the colour to mix Transparency
lash 4
it’s not having it;

for some reason, in Preview, it seems to show Transparency ok but the black design has a white fringe, which seems to be the only thing that renders transparent, as per the image on the left.

swapping the inputs to the mixer doesn’t work either,
i’ve set the viewport shading thign to Alpha Clip as per som google result.