Cycles turned pink while renderin animation

Hi there! I was just rendering animation (to PNG, RGB files) and while rendering, it suddenly turned from this (frame No. 432) :
to this (frame No. 433):

I was not doing anything while rendering. Now it displays pink objects even in Rendered Viewport (all frames) :mad:. I tried to reopen it, change render parameters, I also reinstalled Blender. Nothing worked. Does any honest soul here have an idea what is going on here? I would be VERY glad!


I could be wrong, but when this happens to me, it is usually because the textures are not where you told blender they would be.
Open the texture selection and look for the textures again.

I have this problem as well and this usually fixes it. :slight_smile:

Oh yes, of course youre right :slight_smile: Feeling a bit amateur now :smiley: . The deadline was pressing me, I was quite overworked and started to panic. Sorry for another pointless question and thasnk you all guys!