Cycles 'Volume patch' play

This is my first post and I am relatively new to Blender (although I am an old veteran to other 3D software). Sorry for the macabre subject. It was the best, complex organic object I had on hand.

This is a combination of volumetric and surface shading. I set it for 1000 samples, but it really only needed about 250, and converged nicely at 50 (although, with a fair amount of fireflies).

It is merely a test but it shows a lot of promise for cycles’ volumetric rendering. I call the surface ‘Painted Wormwood’ but to live up to that it would need a lot more work.

Source: OS X, Blender custom build (44627 + Storm’s Feb 29 Volume Patch), CPU rendering (still too unstable in OpenCL).

any chance for blend?