cycles voronoi crackle ?

is there an equivalent voronoi crackle for cycles
no OSL here just std nodes if possible!


When Cycles was first revealed, it actually was able to do voronoi crackle, however, a bunch of code related to procedural texturing was either removed or combined with other nodes a few months later.

Right now though, I’m not aware of a real easy way to get the crackle effect back, your best bet is to just make a crackle texture and use that with box mapping.

i tried the OSL one and having some issues with color which are dull!

any chance in near futur we gone get it back in normal cycles which might work better ?


Some time ago Thomas Diges said in twitter that feature will come (noise texture with basis, as blender internal), but it has a low priority and need some extra work. So we have to wait for it. That texture will be ideal for leather bumping.

that would be great cause it is one basic texture missing

for now i will try to use the OSL one but a bit mroe dffficult to add with script nodes.