Cycles vs Arnold 5.4

Hi all!!! Greetings!!! My name is Alex and I’m new here.

I have a small problem with creating a proper glass shader in blender. I’ve tried everything and any tutorials I could find. Nothing seems to work. That’s the reason I’m here. I’m trying to create a diamond shader, in theory is simple, just a glass shader with higher IOR and some hacks for dispersion. Every time I render I have very dark areas , or if i crank up the transmission an glossy no more specles. I’ve got mad and I’ve installed 3ds max with arnold 5.4 changed the ior and abenumber and I have a greater diamond, in the same lighting conditions. Any help or advice will be very welcomed. I dont want to switch to max but if I cant find a solution to this problem eventually I’m gonna switch to 3ds max or maya , pay the money and that’s it. It’s so frustrating because everything its working perfect , I dont see much a diference betwin arnold and cycles for realistic skin shades for example or metals, bu glass it’s no so good in cycles! ! I’m gonna attach a image below with the rendered images

If cycles dont fit your requirements you could try alternative renderengine like

I know about luxcore, but is so slow , I just wonder if is there any workaround in cycles to obtain good glass rendering

For a start, you should have the min bounces parameter set to 4 at the lowest and have the filter glossy setting at 0.2 or higher, then enable caustics. After that set the transmission and glossy bounces to a high value. This will help with noise, dark areas, and highlights.

If you also have an HDR image lighting the scene, make sure you have environmental importance sampling enabled, this will help catch those bright sources within the image.

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Thank you very much, I’m gonna try tomorrow

Is caustics forced now? It doesn’t seem to do anything if I disable both caustic settings. 2.82 official.