Cyclic extrapolation?

I’m trying to use 2.5 for an animation, because of the speedup in rendering. Normally I’d use 2.49, because 2.5 is so confusing and unstable.

I’m trying to make an animation curve extrapolate cyclically, which I’d know how to do in 2.49, but the option is gone 2.58. Any ideas where this option is hidden?

You can find it in the graph editor. Add keyframes, then select the specific attribute you want to cycle (“X Location” for instance), press the N key to show the properties for the graph editor. You should see a “Modifiers” tab. Expand it and add a “Cycles” modifier. Set the before and after to “Repeat with Offset” or just plain “Repeat” depending on your needs.


unable to get this to work as well

I give up. This is beyond frustrating.

Any problems?

A faster way to turn it into Cyclic Extrapolation is by selecting the curves (A) and Shift+E -> Make Cyclic.

For adjusting the cycle mode just go into the Cycles curve modifier in the properties (N)