Cyclic mode in 2.5?

Hey there.

In 2.49 (IPO editor) if I look under Curve>Extend Mode, I’ll find options to enable for example, “Cyclic”. Where is this option in 2.5?



You can add a modifier to you f curve

Great thanks! Sorry for the silly question now but, how do I access them?

In the properties panel in the f-curve editor (n-key) under modifiers…



You can add a modifier to an f-curve by pressing the N-Key while your mouse is over the graph editor. Then you use the Add Modifier button to add a cyclic modifier.

But it looks like the team still does not have that working. Wow, I thought 2.5 (r31068) was in better shape than this? I admit I have not used 2.5 that much because it really is not done yet.

Here is my image showing cycles failing to work even though I have it applied to my graph?


Thanks guys, finally found it. It’s weird, I expected it to be in the N panel but when I looked there, there was nothing. Then all of a sudden it was there. ?!?!

And yeah, it is really messed up. I guess I’ll have to use some other approach.

Anyways thanks :smiley:


@Atom - open up the curves so you can see all the names (the triangle by ‘location’), select each curve name one at a time, add modifier. Each one needs done one at a time, can’t select them all and do them all at once.



cycles.blend (298 KB)

Thanks Randy.

I guess there is some kind of workflow bug in there. How was I able to apply a cycle modifier without selecting the channel first? Hmm…