Cyclon Raider

I was following the tutorial and got up to the Radiosity Juicy Example. I was wondering if this tutorial requires me to download the Cyclon Raider mesh, if there are any files for me to download.

The tutorial I’m talking about is here:

Am I suppose to just use some other mesh and follow on with the tutorial, pretending a cube is the Cyclon Raider?



I have the blend files and the textures used but I dont know how to post them here.

maybe we can figure a way to get them to you. let me know.

join my site you can post it as a file and the someone can browse it and download …

let me know how it works …

i started on that tutorial too …without the ship

Wolf, I found this file upload site and I put the files there. You can download it from here.

There are five .blend files and the texture that go with that tutorial so I zipped them all.

BTW: This site deletes the files after 14 days of no download activity.

Thanks edwin

I signed up but wasn’t to sure under what topic I should have posted the file; also, that tutorial as I mentioned before had five blend files (the tutorial in various stages) so I zipped them. The files I saw on the site where actual blend file; so I didnt know if I should upload the zipped file or the five blend file seperately.

If you could please clear this up for me so I could understand I could post them on that site too.

Thanks again

post to the blender manual forum for now
separate them for now… i have to check the zip function
it may be inactive so we can see that only certain types of files are uploaded …

pm me asap