First try on Dyntopo for my character with matcap (it’s nice and very fast!)


and rendering with BI.

Back here with some modification to the legs and arms.

One of my favorite X Men and mutants. His head needs work however.

Hi XeroShadow, thank you for your feedback, Here i worked my head, i hope this is better.

No. I mean that you have work on the topology of the head, not add actual hair.

Which side must improve the topology precisely on the head?

…some updated for wireframe and rendering

I was mentioning the overall shape. Before you added the hair, the head alone looked like someone from the Coneheads.

yes i see for coneheads :), ok i improved any reduction

So now I have finished the character, I’ll post in the finished projects, thank you again XeroShadows.
Rendered with cycles.

even if it does think it’s not finished, i’ll stop there and make another model and i would remember your corrections :slight_smile:

very nice!

thank you filou.rod