Cylinder UV distortion

(Udjani) #1

I can’t figure out the problem here, both of them have almost the same topology, and unwrapped the same way, the distorded one have longer polygons. I tried some diffrente approach but could only make it better by inserting a loop, but maybe there is a better way to solve this?

I made that question on polycount, a guy answer it, but my brain is way too s#@! to understand that.

This was his answer: Select the offending face and Ctrl+T. Once it is broken down into triangles Shift+right-click neighbouring PAIRS then Ctrl+J to join them together into a Quad. You might have a few stray triangles (which is ok), but unwrapping should then work as expected.

What he means by ‘‘Ctrl+J to join them together into quads’’? in the blender manual to convert tri to quat the hk is Alt-J, and Ctrl+J is to join objects, im confused, maybe someone can explain to me in a noob/potato way?


(iceythe) #2

Switching between Angle Based and Conformal should always be the first you try when you get UV distortion.
Also, make sure you’re triangulating the mesh if you’re sending it to a game or something.

Edit: He probably meant alt+j to quadrify triangles. Grouping objects is irrelevant to UV.

The problem is that you have ngons. Non-planar ngons. Angle Based unwrapping doesn’t understand it too well. Instead you can use Conformalto do a more constrained unwrap. Conformal works best for straight geometry.

(Udjani) #3

Works perfectly, thank you for clarify it!