D&D beholder miniature sculpt

I sculpted the Beholder” Xazax the Eyemonger” from the “Out of the Abyss” adventure module. The original concept is by the legendary Richard Whitters. You can find more pictures on my Instagram or ArtStation.

Sculpting, rendering and painting were done in Blender. The texture of the dice is procedural. You can download the STL file from my site, If you want to print the miniature for yourself. Have fun!


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Awesome! Thanks Bart. :slight_smile:

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Hello. Very nice model, and thank you for the available STL files! It was really annoying to register and even provide card details to get it, but model was worth it. I have used this model to test abilities of my SLA printer, and printed scaled-down version of this miniatiure in dissassembled form. It was quite challenging to assemble it (do not attach the base at the beginning!), print quality was well, not without space for improvement, but for now it is most complex 3D print I have made :slight_smile:
Result is about 7cm in height. Here are some pictures:


Awesome! Thanks for posting the result! :slight_smile:
And thanks for valuable the feedback. I will also post freebies on MyMiniFactory in the future. I hope this will make the download process easier. :slight_smile:

I also uploaded the miniature on MyMiniFactory:

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Very very well done, amazing work!

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Really great mix between cartoony colors, monstrous model and threatening pose !

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Did I love playing that game - so much more than Dungeon Master …

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

Occasionally, it’s quite the opposite for me :stuck_out_tongue: