D25 Modular Rover

Hey guys just finished my latest piece!

the D25 modular rover is a modular platform that can be used for a variety of functions, All of the parts can be switched quickly at a swapping station. This particular one is used to transport waste away from a temporary research colony stationed on Kepler-69c in zone C.
This is PERSONAL WORK I didn’t make this for any any of the brands listed. Thanks for looking!
rendered in blender cycles modeled in blender comped together in photoshop.

Hi rez: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/2xaWbx



Whoa… slick! love the detail.

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Bruh, this is crazy! I really like the decals. they add some good story. Also like all the thought you put into the design.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Looks great dude!

Looks really great!

nice work ,great details and proportions

This should be featured! Great work!

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I really like the current gallery… but this render together with Dracula here surpasses all of them…

This is great work. Outstanding attention to detail. All of your components look believable - as opposed to just stuck on to add noise. From the smallest fasteners, welds, and lines to the cuts in the panels and ribbing for reinforcement. And you topped it off with great surfacing. You even did a great job having areas of high and medium detail combined with areas of visual “rest” - nice. A cinematic-quality model for sure. Looks like a HardOps showpiece :slight_smile:

You’re #featured! :+1:

very beautifull…

Fantastic work! Is this sub-d? I’d be curious about the polycount and how you managed it with 2.8’s crappy performance.

Oh man, love this one!! Awesome work! :slight_smile:
And great work on your Artstation page as well. Kudos!!


Well… apart from the obvious undeniability of level of quality, you went further and added a universe in which i serves a particular function. That in my humble opinion elevates it into another sphere. You can also somewhat read its purpose. I love it. The only critique that comes to my mind is, that it feels a little bit heavy for its “space purpose”, when i think of the space rover vehicles.

Brave! Insane your art work…definitely I love it. Thumbs up :+1::+1:

Incredible stuff!

Spaceships and Space Vehicles are my favorite just after Character Modeling and this is a great job. Thanks for sharing.

STtunning sweet model bro!!

Those tires and wheels look really nice. Can it do special things? It kind a reminds of those remote control cars back in the days which could expand the tires for more grib. It would fold open sort of.

That third render is supere nice man. I like that coloring on it, looks super techy

Holy cow, fantastic work!