Da Kii

Another material experiment for a heated metal. Tell me what you think.
Blender 2.79 + Ps


That looks pretty good. Like how you have some carbon on there and the color/temperature fades look good along with the “glow”, not sure about the light reflection off the heated portion. As for the scene, the lingering smoke is a bit much to me but whats coming off the key looks really good. Seeing your description says experiment for a heated metal, pretty sure if the paper under it was burnt, it would sell the effect even more cause it would take a little focus away from the key :slight_smile: but it does look good.
Any chance of giving alittle break down, im sure others would e keen.


Very good, very realistic.

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This is definitely a great feedback. I’ll work soon on an update version based on that! Thanks.

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Thanks a lot…

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks a lot Bart…

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