DAB Motors LM-S

Hi Blender Artists!

I’d like to share another bike project that I’ve done recently. This project was done for DAB Motors.

I am responsible for modeling, baking, texturing, rendering, video editing and overall presentation of all 3D related materials that you see on a screen. Our great team at Visionaries 777 has helped with creation of configurator a lot. Big thanks to Lukas and Max who have done a lot of low-poly re-topology and baking and thanks Lok for setting up front-end parts of the website.

It was great working with Simon Dabadie on this. I hope all the work we have done benefited his company and brought positive new experiences to people interested in motorcycle culture as much as I am.

List of deliverables:

  • Promotional video (animation).

  • Promotional images (highpoly renders).

  • Web-based online product configurator ( link to configurator )

List of software used:

Make sure you check out the configurator! I think it turned out really well. Link is above.



Here is a video of configurator in action.

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Here is some of the screenshots from configurator.


A bit of press talking about the project:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

If anyone is interested about the workflow and details about this project, you can read it here:

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