dab of paint....

how would i apply a dab of red vertex paint on a face that was hit by a ray?

I can remember there were some post to this. Do a search for bulletholes.
There was a script doing this.

Do you mean something like a laser spot of a sniper-gun? I have written a tutorial on this subject. It’s in Slovak, but at the end of page is link to demo, that shows laser spot casted by the central object and can be rotated using arrow keys.

If you will be interested in, I can translate it to English.

Hello ashid

well the tutorial is full of errors…no, no, I’m joking, I don’t understand
a word, but the laser demo is great
But the problem with the scripts that need to import “math” libs, is that if
you need/want to make a runtime this will not work I guess?!
And I guess that Clone dadd was talking about a FIXED mark in the wall ( like blood)
Bye and thank you

I think that math lib is available in Blender runtime, so it should work.

If fixed mark on wall is needed, script LaserSet.py from demo can be run only once per object + can be simplified by skipping distorsion of object placed on the wall.

actually, i was going to use it for blood (i was going to use the ray as the bullet)

so! any suggestions?

wait…the only reason a bullet would make blood when it hits the wall is if it went through a person first…and the ray sensor can’t see through anything…I think you’ll have to stick with a collision sensor on the bullet my friend

what? i never said when it hits a wall. I said when it hits a face. i can use the hasAttr or whatever its called to specify whether to add the blood or not.

hope thats cleared up.

I don’t know how you would do it, but couldn’t you do it with a simple plane that has a bullet hole/blood splatter alpha mapped on it? Then when you “shoot” your victim, you have that plane appear at that x,y,z location and have it oriented based on the victim’s surface? I was looking at the Torque Game Engine demo and I got that idea (although I think they do it differently). It would have to be a fairly small plane, otherwise it would look too flat.

Hmm. Psychotic killer thread.

bigkahuna took the words right out of my mouth.

When your talking about splatter, I think a plane is the most efficient way to go.

heh, it’s not supposed to make sense. I quoted scott adams, the author of dilbert.

Edit: Thanks, and sorry.

When your talking about splatter, I think a plane is the most efficient way to go.

Or do a combination of the two ideas:
a. To simulate the impact of a bullet with splatter, use the plane/alpha texture of a “splat” and use IPO’s to animate it’s size and alpha channel.
b. Then use vertex paint to leave a blood stain.
… jeesh, I’m getting queezy just thinking about it :wink:

Hello again
iconjunky have posted a great demo with exactly what you want:
just change the bullet image with one of your own


Lol, yea I might actually need that book, a little out of it today. Although you could have vent a nicer way about it.

ok, i got it out of ‘dogberts top secret management handbook’ by scott adams. Most of the things in that book make little or no sense. At the end, he was showing some logic you should use if you become a manager, and that was one of them.

Hope that’ scleared up.