Daddy long legs spider

Hi all,

I spent the last few days modeling a daddy long legs spider (Pholcus Phalangioides for the latin enthusiasts).
I modeled, rigged and made the materials for all. I have only used a CC0 texture for the webs holding the eggs.
Some behind-the scenes shots:
Solid viewport shot

The whole spider

Rigging stuff

Skin shader

Raw render before post-processing with Topaz Studio 2

Hope you guys like it, don’t hesitate leaving a little comment


Looks like a picture straight out of national geographic. You made this so real it’s CRAZY! Your spider is adorable and realistic and the egg sack is amazing, you truly have talent!

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Thanks a lot man, you made my day!

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Amazing work!

Very true to what they look like down the microscope. It’s great to see the skin shader too - I tried once to get cuticle looking good and really struggled.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Great and interesting shader, thanks. Another Keller ;).

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Thanks, means a lot to me!

Thanks. I could have cleaned up a little for the screenshot.
That one gave me a hard time, and using subsurface really highlighted the part of the mesh created with different topologies, in a bad way. So more fiddling than usual…
BTW, I’m doing a lot of shader work, but not sure if people are interested. Give me a shout if this is the case, I’ll make a post.

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The level of realism on your insect and arachnid models is awesome!
How long does it take you to make one?

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Thanks! I’d say 3-4 days including initial research


Wow that’s fast!

Ooh that’s good stuff!
Always good to see art for us arachnophiles to enjoy