DAE Import Not Working

Hi Blender Artists.

I’m using Blender 3.2.0 on macOS Monterey 12.4. I downloaded a DAE file from Sketchup 3D Warehouse. The file previews perfectly in MacOS and looks exactly as expected. When I import it into Blender it doesn’t seem to work. There is no error that I can see yet it didn’t really import anything other than a camera view and some folders. There’s no geometry in the viewport.

I tried to upload the file but it’s 25.5MB (too big). Does anyone know how I can diagnose the problem? I found some videos on YouTube showing editing out of dodgy materials but I can’t even determine what the issue is at the moment.

Many thanks.

?? I don’t quite understand this. I’m not aware that DAE files can store camera view… but can be wrong… but what does import some folders mean? You did import the model ??


You may try MeshLab or somethign else and if the import works try to export as DAE (yes there may be any differences or messages so you can diagnose the problem) or any other format. You may also try a smaller download to check if there is a general problem??

Or start blender via command line with BlenderDocs: command line arguments which may show somemore messages … maybe even with some other debug level (1 default… -1 all).

Hi Okidoki.

I didn’t know about MeshLab. What an incredibly useful, free tool for exchanging 3D file formats. It fixed my problem. It imported perfectly into MeshLab and I just exported it to a DAE, then imported that file into Blender.

Thanks very much for your help.