Daenerys Targaryen

3D model, Daenerys Targaryen is one of the main characters from the TV series “Game of thrones” . The model is fully implemented and visualized in a 3D editor Blender . Render Cycles . Model prepared for 3D printing.The private order .


This is a pretty good sculpt. I know how hard it is to get a likeness and this is really close. I would say that the presentation is a little dull. If it was me I would give the image a more game of thrones looking color grade. Then maybe try making the rim light sharper. Anyways it is really good as it is.


Really well done! I feel like she hasn’t been sculpted in her “neutral” expression and maybe this is why she’s not 100% Daenerys. Something feels off, but it has nothing to do with your skills so don’t bother with it. Also, lighting and presentation. I think it would look better on a marble (probably black) pedestal. Not sure about the lighting, but I would love to see her with strong backlight and maybe 1 lamp from above (big area light would do IMO).

Overall, great work and amazing details. Keep it up mate!

Thank you ! I’ll consider )

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, with the light I did something wrong… the client chose not the best facial expressions . It was a private order)) Customer satisfied)

It looks awesome from the back. While for the front, I am thinking the eyes are a little different from the original.

She is Exquisite!

emilia clarks face has got a lot of characteristics and i think you have found them all. this seperates the artist from the amateur.

edit: hmm?!? i checked a reference picture and i have to say that you missed one or the other detail. check this pic:

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Incredible work! I didn’t recognize her face at first, but now that I know who it is I can definitely see the resemblance. Is this a sculpt? I don’t see where the OP says it’s a sculpt, but it probably is. I’m only just now starting to learn how to sculpt, it’s very addictive. I really enjoy sculpting, but I have a really hard time with getting things to look correct. I suppose this is where practice comes in.

This may be a bit off topic, but out of curiosity how does Blenders sculpting compare to ZBrush? Is one easier than the other? Does one offer any special tools that the other doesn’t? In particular I would be interested in knowing if I am missing out on anything important in ZBrush.

feature row. congrats. you deserve it.

What he said ^^^^^^^^^^^^:yes:

f’n Great Sculpted hair

Amazing! The hair and clothes specially looks very good

I’ve never seen the show, but immediately recognized the character when I saw the render… Well done.

That face you make when someone says your royal title takes too long to say… and the same face when your advisors tell you not to feed that person to your dragons…

As a 3D printing, I would expect the client is then going to paint it and as a “collectable bust”, then that is very much normal and what I would expect.

For the OP, out of interest, what actual scale is it, and can you give any details about the 3D printing, how you prepared it, what printer was used and how much detail did it keep from the model?

Maximus.48 you did fine work with not an ounce of prejudice, she looks very interesting with a depth of personality in this sculpt of a bust. I would love to render test with more dramatic lighting maybe sharper shadows rather then soft…

Awesome sculpt! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I think the mimic is perfect!

really really awesome!