Daft newbie questions

Hi all,

I recently started with blender and expect that I’ll have lots of simple questions, which I hope you can answer (after I failed to find the solution on my own). Here is the first one:

In the tutorial I’m currently doing, a cylinder is added. In edit mode, the surface of its bottom is divided into triangles (right pciture). When I insert a cyclinder and switch to edit mode, the bottom of it is not divided (left picture):

I’m using Blender 2.71, the tutorial 2.62. Does this make the difference or did I use the wrong (?) cyclinder?

I tried to split the bottom of my cyclinder by selecting it in edit mode and using “Subdivide”. Nothing happened to the bottom. Assuming I want to subdvide the bottom, how could I do this?

Many thanks in advance!

When you add the cylinder, set the ‘Cap Fill Type’ to Triangle Fan

Thank you. If it’s ok, I’d like to keep this thread open, to collect some more short questions if they arise. I’ve already ordered a book yesterday and I’m currently checking the documentation. However, I’m sure there are many more questions to come :wink:

Good evening from Germany

Thank you JA12! I read about the n-gons. Interesting. I hope I’ll keep it in mind, since there are so many things to learn.
As I expected, I got stuck at another problem. I successfully modelled an ( ugly :wink: bottle. Now, I want to apply a material.

In the tutorialBlender v2.66.1 is used, I’m again on v2.71. The material tab in the tutorial looks very different to mine!
I have a lot of panels there, like “Diffuse” or “Specular”, but I’m missing the “Settings” panel, where a clor can be choosed!

Can you please tell me, what went worng here and how I can get a color for my material?

Many thanks!

Hi guys,

please forget my last question (if it ever will be submittetd).

Big note to myself: White boxes are no textfileds, but color pickers :smiley:


The tutorial is using the Blender renderer while you are using the Cycles renderer. The materials are not compatible between the two and are set up very differently.