Dale Williams!!!!

Some people aren’t very bright obviously.


That is really too sad.

that guys gonna get firecrackers shoved up his @$$ by the cgtalk members whoes artwork he stole… :<

stop cross posting what you said in #blenderchat!! :wink:

this guy is like DEAD! lol

can we say “class-action lawsuit”???

that is a way long thread! :o anyone read it all?

the site is down now. :slight_smile: i didn’t even get to see it. :frowning:

that is a way long thread! anyone read it all?

20 pages aint much, at mektek we went to something like 150 pages about the new mekpack.

our spam threads, called party threads, stop at 100.


heh. i just finished reading it all… and… damn. i feel sorry for that guy.

i wanna see the site. :o

stop cross posting what you said in #blenderchat!! :wink:

this guy is like DEAD! lol[/quote]

hehehe :wink:

  • its a private joke -

rofl + sad + shocked = bwahgahahhaahahahah

What an absolute A-Hole!! I can’t beleive this idiot thought he would get away with this.

Just goes to show that some people are complete morons.


:o Man! This kid must have a death wish!
How did he think he’d get away with it?

so i thought it would be great fun to reregister @cgtalk under dale williams as a joke which btw hes already registered oh well Dale W is still open.

there have been at least two fake dale williams on cgtalk already. %|

its already an old joke. :-?

I couldn’t stop laughing at two of the pictures: The Pope and Earth.

As for what “Dale Williams” is doing, well, you know how they said he’d probably just make text and spheres if he really got into the industry? My Blender talent doesn’t go far beyond that and I don’t think I steal other people’s artwork. Even if I did, I’d probably be doing them a favor, because most of my artwork is crap with a capital C, R, A & P. No, make it a few capital S’s, H’s, I’s, and T’s.

Man! This kid must have a death wish!

Death Wish
Dale Williams

Interesting. Maybe it’s his favorite movie… we need to hire a private investigator…

Man… It would be really nice to know what in the name of (insert your fav deity here) that bloke has tought he could achive with his “gallery”. I mean, if he woudl be to get in job interview and he would be presenting “his” fabulous art wouldn’t he be in deep s’’'t when the men at hiring would want to see his wire frame models and perhaps see him modeling something quickly? :smiley:

Assuming there is a lower limit of stupidity ( by far not proven yet), it is a joke ( bad one) or he wanted to impress a girl ( poor guy).

ive known people to do things like this for shock value.
(mainly publisity people one of which is known as naked guy cos he walked past his landlords girlfriend in the buff (by acident) without battering an eye lid).(this guy also invited the queen to a club he was dj’ing at and GOT A REPLY)

and this was no joke to careless and far to serious not even an anogram in the page (but mabey thats part of the joke).

sounds like a kid desperate for attention in the cg bis it might have worked if he dint go so overbourd. a sad sad day for copywrite

Hey man! Where’s my referance?
Gees! You labor on something for hours just to have someone swipe it
and not give you the credit! What a world.

Just kidding Cube! :smiley:
It’s a good observation you make there.