I’ve finally got round to finish my Dalek model I started a few months back. It’s now on Blendswap if you want to download it.

It’s fully rigged, with dome/eye movement, mid-section rotation, plunger/gun movement and extension, and root controls. To extend the plunger scale the control on the x-axis for the first section and on the y-axis for the second section.
Cycles renders.

Clean-- nice shot! I put one up on bswap if you want to check it out, maybe they can have some fun together :smiley:

Nice dalek jikz! I’ll definitely download it and take a look. Might put mine up on Blendswap as well :slight_smile:

Three more renders:

I didn’t realize until I saw a side by side, but the new ones are so ugly. The Eccleston/Tennant ones look like functional metal armor suits/transports, and the new ones… Now they’re Power Ranger/iPod Daleks.

Now they’re Power Ranger/iPod Daleks.
Coloured Daleks ?. You mean inspired by daleks from the 1960s

Hmm, I personally quite like the new ones (I hated them at first), but I agree that the Eccleston/Tennant ones look much better.

Did you do the inside too?

If you mean the interior of the ship corridor in the first pic, then yes, but if you mean the inside of the daleks, unfortunately not, although I have sculpted a dalek mutant before.

I’ve finished the 2005-style Dalek and put it on Blendswap, updated the OP as well ^

this is to awesome EXTERMANATE


I’m working on an open version:

I am really excited for that open version there!

Interesting thing is I can actually make the voice for a Dalek!! :smiley:

Eggs, stir, men, 8


Finished the opening version, here’s an animation:

Wow, that’s pretty awesome work! Even modeled the Dalek inside. :slight_smile:


Here’s a viewport render of the mutant (I made this model a while ago, I just reconfigured it to work with cycles):

Benjee - brilliant model. What kind of rigging did you use to make limitations and handles for the parts? I would love to know if there is a tutorial on this technique.