Damascus Steel Flamberg Dagger

Personally designed dagger with unique flamberg blade forged of damascus steel, original guard, grip made of bone and stillized rosebud as pommel.
Idea, concept, design, modelling, texturng, lighting, texture baking and animation by me :slight_smile:

Model is build in real world scale and is about 30 cm long (blade 18.4 cm, hilt 11.4 cm) Geometry is quads and tris, with less than 20 tris. Model is subdividable, with optimized topology. So it keep original form after up to four subdivision levels. You can use it in games, advertising, animation, film production or rendering of still images.

Avialable at TurboSquid: http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/aliveone

P.S. Also i wish to thank you, guys, for all your help with this project and during all this years.

Nice Dagger, nice start. The texture on the blade just looks weird to me. Both the blade and the hilt seem to be unfinished. like ther e could be more done to embellished both the blade and the hilt. (Like engraving and the like)

Can I ask how did you model the handle? You did it by hand or did you use some tools?

Actually, that texture is very accurate, if a little strong. The texture comes from folding the steel over and over until you have thousands of layers – makes the blade really strong.

Thanks for support, guys.

Clockwork i tried to recrate original damascus steel patterns. They are not as good looking as modern replicas, where blacksmiths tend to make it more beautiful.

FreeFly I did grip manually. I recreated process steps at this picture

Here is *blend file in case you need a closer look. I used edge crease for edges instead of bevel, but principles of geometry building are all the same. grip-topology-example.blend (493 KB)

Okay, I was unware of the look of the blade texture, i guess I am more used to the more traditional blade :slight_smile: but it looks good.

Thank you :slight_smile: