dammit i need help with python

i tried to set a python path in blender but when i pull down the tab the field for python isnt there. im using version 2.12. i also looked in version 1.8 and the field isnt there either. i downloaded python version 2.2 so that i could use ripsting’s grass generator. when i try to run the script the DOS window reports ‘File “Grass3”, line 39, in ? ImportError: cannot import name NMesh’ i have no idea what the hell this means. can anyone help?

Hmmm that’s really weird! NMesh is actually a built-in module for Blender, so you shouldn’t even need to have any version of Python installed for it to work. Make Sure you have python20.dll in your Blender path. This file should come with Blender. If it’s not there, you should download a new copy of Blender.

i just downloaded version 2.23 so it works now. thanks anyway