Damned Soul

This is a bust inspired by Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s sculpture. Rendered in Cycles. Model can be bought on CGTrader and Turbosquid.


very nice sculpture… liked the lighting!! :smiley:

anyway …we feature your work :smiley:
link: https://www.facebook.com/BCGIU/posts/949377458407261

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to create a bust with a similar material, care to share the node setup?

This is really awesome, man! I was looking at pictures of marble sculptures last night and you captured the mood, material, lighting and most importantly the modelling really brilliantly. Love it.

Awesomeness indeed.
I watched all the video. OK, skipped some parts when retopo, however I felt your pain LOL.
I recommend it as toprow.

Thanks guys!
@JustWandering, here’s a node setup for the marble:

A lot more SSS please. However, you have to control (mix) it via pointiness. Retaining sharpness of sculpting :slight_smile:

good to see sculpture work! well done! also like how you retopo the hair…

@michalis, I played with pointiness and sss, but without good results. I will experiment with it more next time.
@doris, thanks! I have to say retopology was painful for me. It almost made me buy Zbrush. It should get better with practice, but Blender needs automatic retopo, in my opinion.

i don’t have words… you have done an amazing job… i love the hair… also the lighting and materials are perfect…

Thank you Nita :slight_smile:

retopologizing the hair seems like a very frustrating thing to do :smiley: nice job

Amazing sculpting man !!! I’m a fan :smiley:

This piece captures how I feel about getting bumped off the top row, sweet!:cool:

But seriously, some amazing detail going on, quite captivating.:yes:

well done !

Thank you guys, and thanks for the top row :slight_smile:

I am also fascinated by the
statue and I wanted to model a 3d model
inspired by that, too.