Damped Track problems while posing


I have a problem I couldn’t really find an answer to by just googling.
I have these eyelids that rotate with a damped track constraint, wich target is in the armature. When I position the armature, the eyelids move too, but the center of rotation stays at the origin. Has anyone got a solution to this problem?
Here are some screenshots. Should i post my .blend file too?
I really wanna use the damped track constraint, but if thats the problem, I guess I will have to use another method to rotate the eyelids.
Thanks in advance

Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-29 um 21.14.44|690x416

Please post the file to https://pasteall.org/blend/ then post the link to your file here, this you must do as you are new and cannot post file here yet…

The centre of what exactly?

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Here is my file.
By center i meant the center of my eyelids.
Yesterday, I removed all modifiers and constraints one by one, and the problem was definitely the damped track constraint, since it didn’t consider the posed location of my object.
Thank you!

Thanks for the file, the reason your eyelids don’t behave is because they are simply Object parented to the Armature, so if the whole Armature doesn’t move, their location doesn’t move. In reality they should be Bone parented to their respective bones and these are non-deforming so they do not affect the head mesh.

Having said that, I tend to do these kind of rigs slightly differently to the way you have it set up. This stems from working with MakeHuman, Rigify rigs, etc. This gives you a deal more control.

Here is a picture (I like pictures):

You can see the various bones and some simple meshes, to rotate the whole eye, eyelids included, I would rotate the bone labelled (in the file) “target-control-left” thus:

To open/close the eyelids, I move the eyelid-target… bones thus:

To open both eyelids as one operation, I simply move the “eye-left-target” bone, now because of it’s transform locks it has the desired effect:

Here, I moved it the opposite way, don’t give any axis locks in your grab command BTW:
It effectively scales it, but you see what it does, I hope…

You have two choices, either use your Mirror Mod options to make the other eye, or duplicate the bones to the right, so you can animate each eye separately (my preferred option).

Here is you blend file: Taube_Model.blend (1.3 MB) Taube_Model.blend

Look closely at what I did and feel free to ask any questions you might have. I left the head and neck bones as deforming bones, so you can parent your mesh with automatic weights. Please also note the root bone, all major bones should be parented to this, this bone is your overall control for moving and rotating the entire model and is “good practice” This bone normally lives between the models feet…

Cheers, Clock. :grin:


The website is playing up so some images got screwed… Here is the head bone rotated:

Thank you so much for the detailed answer! I didn’t know there were different types of parenting, now I see it.
And thank you for your version of an eyelid control. The only question I have right now is: Why do you keep those eye bones connected to the head bone? Is there a specific purpose? Or is it just preference?
Edit: Nevermind, now that I took a closer look at the .blend file I get it. :smiley:

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