Dampening rotation of Follow Path Constraint?


I’m trying to animate a little car going over a map using a Follow Path Constraint with “Follow Curve” enabled. This is working ok, but the rotation of the car is very jerky. Is there a way to apply a dampening factor to the rotation or to limit the rotation rate of the car?

Thank you very much,

if you would like to limit the rotation you could go into constrain options and use the limit rotation constrant on an empty but you would have to decide how much or little you want on which axis
then rotate the object in the direction your trying to constraint to see how far it goes

Thanks, I found that, but it’s not what I want to achieve. I want the car to be able to rotate all the way around, I just want to limit the rotation rate, so that the movement looks less jerky. Is there a simple way to do that?

there is a tutorial you can watch that might be what your looking for

Car rigging tutorial with blender " part 1 & 2"

I know the reply is a bit late, but this behavior could also have something to do with the path resolution. Dialing it up should give a smoother curve and make the turns less abrupt as it tracks to each segment.