dance for theremin, violing and piano (backgrounds for poju)

(basse) #1

(update: some backgrounds available!)

I’m still working with that dance…

for bigger ones, check out the page:

I have rendered them backgrounds, poju asked… if anyone else fancies dark desktop wallpapers, they are here:
four different poses, two sizes 1024x768, 1280x1024…


(Jamesk) #2

Excellent work so far! A unique quality that picture has. <get outta here Yoda> Neat trick with the duplicated wiremat on top of the dress mesh as well.

(S68) #3

Ohhhhh :o



When will it be ready?


(funkychild) #4

That looks beautiful! Love the lighting. I really hope you’re going to animate that - even the still poses are so dramatic on their own.

(kaktuswasse) #5

wohoo!! You really continue it? Great work! I loved that old pic. (the new one as well!!!)

cya henrik

(Goofster) #6

WOOHOO! I wondered where that animation went :slight_smile:
keep it up, look nice and moody.


ps. does she lambada?

(digitalSlav) #7

very very nice - although the floor texture does bother me a bit - never seen boards match up like that and it makes lines into the distance that really shouldn’t be there as it detracts from your wonderful visionary dancer.

keep pushin!

(Poju) #8

Truly beautiful my friend.

I agree on that floor problem, u should fi that.

Can i regues a render? Just black background slightly softer spotlight and black floor exept in that spot.

(ray_theway) #9

Just say theremin, and I’m hooked. :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously, I love it. It just looks so natural. I really like the glow look around the dancer’s head. It’s just stunning.

(basse) #10

s68: I dont know when it will be ready… I’m taking my time with this, mainly because I just love twisting her around in the 3d views :slight_smile:

funkychild: there will be animation, I think… I just have to figure out some stuff first, I’m not very good at animating anything… heh. the shots you see here, are already from animation… but if I render that into avi now, it’s too fast … and I want her moving slooow.

tmtechie: the floor texture isn’t very good I know… it’s not tileable texture, and I tiled it. heh. it will be fixed, no worries, we are in wip section remember …

poju: sure no problem… size?

ray_theway: the glow is pretty simple. I have a spot light inside her head, tracked to camera. halo is set on. it creates beautiful glow …


(Poju) #11

Gee thanks

Dancer shoul be approx 500 pixels tall.

If u wan’t you can make wallpaper for me dancer in low right corner(that fourth frame should look nice) and any legal stuff, homesite adress or any text upper right( right coz i keep my icons on left.

But just render is fine i can slap it over black 1024*768 size pic, just tought if u want to insert some logos or stuff.

And thanks in advance

(basse) #12

ok… I have the backgrounds for you now… let me know how they work… links are added to the original post…


(BgDM) #13

those BG’s a suppa schweet!!

Only one little problem. In bg2, you can see her dress and wire frame mesh under the ground plane. Just a minor point.

Excellent stuff.


(basse) #14

:slight_smile: ups. well, I tried to fix it quickly with gimp… that’s what you get when you keep your monitor as dark as possible all the time :slight_smile: I can’t see ANYTHING. heh.

so, number 2 is fixed…


(Poju) #15

Thank’s, bg4 is now my new wallpaper. It’ just… wow, thank’s