Dancing Transformer

Heres a short animation I made starring a dancing transformer. I made the model a while back for one of the weekend challenges, but I made a fresh animation for my college application to USC. Check out the video on youtube:

Edit: Better Quality download (right click-> save as)


holy cow! that’s amazing! How did you achieve the mouse-into-parts effect?

congrats! outstanding work, beautiful materials and nice lighting achieved. :slight_smile:

any chance of a hi-res version?

Such a fantastic little creature haha!
Very nice work!

Only crits are that the lighting could be improved and I think(correct me if I’m wrong), there were a couple mesh collisions.

Fantastic work otherwise :wink:

I especially love the actual transformations.

Five stars for sure!


Thanks for the supportive comments! I made him transform by modeling the mouse first. Then, I split it into enough parts that I could animate it. I keyframed the original untransformed state, and then worked it out from there.

@ magiciandude- yeah, you got me. the actual transformations were pretty clean, but the shoulder pads went through his head a couple times during the arm wave

And I’m uploading a better version for those who want to download it.

Very very nice! But why is there no sound…or I just dont hear it?

not bad, could use a rim light though! :slight_smile:

amazing stuff ^^

quite blurry… might be just youtube tho.

edit: But yes… looks nice. :smiley:

Very funny, i like it ! You should add music now !!

Yes! Someone’s done a moving transformer!

Great, its really funny! I’ll ignore the many small problems like lighting, where the meshes join together etc, and give you 5 stars.

That mouse is awesome, where can I get one?!!:smiley:

The animation is superb and I think the lighting is just fine, it fits with the scene;)


Niiice… Well done !