Here’s my new project: a dandelion with a grass plain at the back.

I’m doing the dandelion fully by myself.
For the grass plain at the back, I’m planning to follow the tutorial from The Nature Academy by Andrew Price.

Please feedback/comments are really welcome:yes:!
I hope you’ll like what you’ll see.

That sounds like it’ll look really nice when finished! Are you using fur for the dandelion, or actually modeling all the strands?

Using the “leave” (if someone know the exact name, please say it ;)) from the first post, I duplicated it with particules.

First result:

I like the result but compare to reality, it’s too dense…

Thanks for your comment SavannaW.
I’m not using fur here… Maybe I should (I’ll have a look at that…)
I’m using hair with objects.

I modified “the leaves” by adding random for “leaves on the leaves” (Seriously, if someone know those names, please shoot ;)) and by reducing the number of them on each leave.

It seems more realistic, but still too dense…

I reduced the length of the “leaves on the leaves” (I’ll find the names).
And also reduce the number of leaves.

This seems realistic, I think… What do you think?
(I’ll maybe add few leaves, if needed with the background)

Let’s do a bit of Botany:

What I called dandelion “leave” seems to be named “diaspore”.
It’s the seed (called achene) + tissues that assist dispersal.

The name for the “leaves on the leaves” or the tissues assisting dispersal is “pappus”…
I may call that the “wings” or the “tissues” (it will be easier)

Thank you Wikipedia, I know a bit more about the World.
I hope I’m right, english is not my mother tongue and botany is not my science specialization.
(Here are the sources: Taraxacum and Diaspore)

A small update: