(Timonides) #1


Today I had some really disturbing knews!!!

I’ve went to check my mails at my yahoo e-mail account, as I regularly do. But there was an e-mail from: [email protected]
with subject: Returned mail: User unknown. It appeared as if I had sent an e-mail to an address that didn’t exist!!!

That drawn my attention. I didn’t remember sending any messages to that address!!! :-?

I’ve checked the files and realized that there was a file called border.exe attached to it. I’ve scanned it and realised that it contained the W32 [email protected] virus!!! :x

Someone has managed to circumvent yahoo’s security and tried to spread an evil virus through my (and perhaps others) account at yahoo mail!!! :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

I haven’t managed to straighten this with yahoo, yet but before things get clear, BE VERY CAREFUL!!!

If you get an e-mail by me or others that have e-mail accounts at yahoo, and happen to contain the above attachment, PLEASE DO NOT OPEN THAT DAMNED FILE (border.exe)!!! IT IS HIGHLY DANGEROUS!!!

Don’t tell me I didn’t warned you… :stuck_out_tongue:



(Dittohead) #2

Thanks, i’ll be sure to remember that when I check my e-mail.

(Timonides) #3

Hello again!!! :smiley:

I’ve tried to send an e-mail to yhaoo, in order to investigate this inciddent.
I used the Help Desk link they have at yahoomail. I’ve filled the form they have and pressed the “send” button.

Guess what happened!!! After some seconds I got a reply from:
[email protected]
with subject: Returned mail: User unknown!!!

My report instead of going to [email protected], was sent to that strange nonexistent e-mail address again!!!

I wonder, since apparently all the e-mails are going to a dead end, perhaps the target wasn’t to spread an evil virus after all!!! I think that someone is playing really strange games with yahoo’s reputation!!!

Anyway, I’ve sent an e-mail from an other e-mail account, explaining to them… I am expecting that they will investigate…

But, for the moment just remain alarmed…


(Timonides) #4

Hello again!!!

Thanks to a GOOD friend, who told me so, This virus did not came from my yahoo account. This virus takes a random person out of the adress book and puts it in the ‘from’ field. so it appears to be from you, but is from someone, who is having your address.

Now I wonder who that be? I’ll try to contact all the people I know they have that address in their address book, to warn them…

It still worries me the fact that all the e-mails I am sending through it, are keep coming back, with that reply from [email protected]

Perhaps my address has been blocked…

Anyway, I have another e-mail account…

(CubeFan973) #5

Probably due to a file I have on some website (Yahoo?), I keep getting e-mails for stuff I don’t need (Viagra? At 12?). I’d try to respond saying, “Get me off your stupid mailing list,” but it’d respond saying that it had sent it to a non-existing e-mail address!

(Timonides) #6

I keep getting e-mails for stuff I don’t need (Viagra? At 12?).

Viagra??? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think those spammers have a real sick sence of humor :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


(valarking) #7

i get all sorts of spam. i get approx. 30 messages of spam a DAY in my yahoo account. my hotmail account is pretty safe except for the 1-3 Klez virus i get a day. BTW, what’s with the subject (I HATE CRACKERS!)? are you some sort of racist?

(Timonides) #8

what’s with the subject (I HATE CRACKERS!)? are you some sort of racist?

Well when it comes to crackers, yes I am a racist.
In fact I have 15 of them chained, working in my plantation. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like whiping them for fun, from time to time… :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dittohead) #9

ya know it’s kinda funny I got this free e-mail account(softhome.net) and I only get like maybe 1 or 2 spams a month.

(Timonides) #10

Yeah! I know what you mean dittohead. I wish you could see what they send to me…

Fortunately I have 2-3 more e-mail accounts so I don’t have a problem.

The bad thing is that from what I can understand my yahoomail has been blocked. Sad, because most people contact me through there…

(IngieBee) #11

LOL, that’s funny, except that the same thing is happening to me too. Especially lately. Klez is about 2-3 a day, I’m also in yahoo??? I don’t know what to do??? This is a good post list, if anyone can figure out how to get rid of the spam and viruses showing up, i’d sure appreciate it.

Thanks, Ingie

(Haunted-House) #12

I get all sorts of spam. i get approx. 30 messages of spam a DAY in my yahoo account

500+spam on my netscape account…but I dont use it anymore
Leave me alone internet sweepstakes…
I dont want a new “cellphone at low price”
no, “today is not my lucky day internet lottery”…


(pofo) #13

Am I the only one who gets weird mails about “healthy smokable herbs and mushrooms”?

(Haunted-House) #14

smokable herbs? Whast company sent that?

Nothing is made to be burned and inhaled nothing!

(cree) #15

If you reply to these spamming low lifes, you just end up getting more useless spam because replying confirms that your e-mail account is active. As for their real e-mail address, they use relay servers to mask their origins and use other tricks to spoof their real identity. They will also include you on other spam mail lists. These low lifes use web crawler software to fetch e-mail addresses from your web sites. The list goes on and on.

Best way is to set your e-mail filters to exclusive and only allow e-mail from your friends and family to get through, or don’t open anything you are unfamiliar with or suspect.

(digitalSlav) #16

to get rid of spam

  1. don’t sign up for anything and if you do, use an email address solely for that reason.

  2. when you get spam do not respond to it!

  3. use an email account solely for emailing your friends (you will get no spam here :slight_smile: )

  4. do not give your email to people who forward everything in the world and do not forward yourself

  5. find an email provider that uses spam filters and filter everything out if you are already having spam problems and want to keep it as a mojor address

the key here folks is to look inactive! don’t leave tracks and they can’t find you. also if you run a website it’s a good idea to post a different email there as well since alot of places use bots that search the internet solely for email addresses on web pages.

using these guidelines i have one email that gets no spam which i use for communication and another email which i use to sign up for things that gets like 15 or more spams a day which is more or less just a virtual trash can.

(acasto) #17

If you have a website, there is more efficient ways of avoiding spam. For now I just have mine posted, but I’m working on setting up form mail through CGI scripts. There is also a method, I’m not sure what, I saw a Dreamweaver plugin that did it, that writes your email address in some type of cryptic form (maybe hex…???). Then your email client reads it as it is supposed to be. I’m not sure about this latter method, but it seemed pretty neat. The CGI Form mail is very nice however.

(ray_theway) #18

3a) get a spambait account. Mine’s [email protected]. I don’t care who knows it. I haven’t checked it in months.

/me laughs evilly at stupid spammers sending emails to spambait account
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: http://www.flightsimnetwork.com/dcforum/Images/devil.gif
This is also good if you absolutely must give your email address to get RealOne (IMO - RealVirus) or something like that.

(Timonides) #19

Best way is to set your e-mail filters to exclusive and only allow e-mail from your friends and family to get through,

I don’t know. There are some times that spam filters have unexpected effects.

There was a time, I was trying to send an urgent e-mail to a friend, only the message couldn’t pass the filter, just because there was the word “free” in the message headers. Although it was a legitimate message I was trying to send!!!

You have to be very careful when you setup such things, otherwise there is a chance to miss some important mail, along with the spam.

I think the best way is to have several e-mail accounts. At least one for friends and the other for the spammers (I wouldn’t want them to lose their job, would I??? :stuck_out_tongue: ).[/quote]

(cree) #20

You’re right, I wouldn’t want them to lose their spam jobs; otherwise, they would have to go out and find a real job. :slight_smile: