Dangling petals

I am still working on modeling nature here is an attempt at a bush all done in blender 2.75.1. 100 samples 1 sun lamp and a environment texture. a Little work in the compositor. It looks a little to clean to me what do you think? enjoy, all comments welcomed.

I like more this lighting than your previous artwork. The colours are good chosen. In general is an attractive image.
I think you could work more the leaves model, with some displacement, because they look too planes.

Thanks a lot. I used displacement on the leaves but the model itself is flat and I didn’t use any variation which is probably why the whole thing looks flat to me. The leaves lack life for that reason I think. I will try not to overlook that in the future. thanks.

It looks good to me. Nice colors and I like the blurred background.
But I do not belong to the group of those who think that chromatic aberrations give realism to the photos. Search for similar photos in google and you notice nothing or very little chromatic aberrations. Softwares for RAW photos have good filters to remove those aberrations and photographers eliminated aberrations because are something unwanted. Just as personal opinion, I would not use the lens distortion filter if your looking for photorealism. If you are looking to obtain a photo-like macro, just play with the camera aperture and you try to have the area where your protagonist is well-focused and showing much detail, while the rest looks blurred.