Daniel Lawrence - Sketchbook (Danny1400)

A nice handy place to keep all the stuff I do in one place! :slight_smile:

Hey, Danny1400,

don’t have anything uploaded yet?

Went to bed man! Was 4am for me :stuck_out_tongue: Uploading now though

This is literally just a basic sofa I decided to make last night, was a quick build, but these randoms are just to help me get use to the basics of Blender. I am thinking of doing a whole front room set now as like an easy project. Because I do like the sofa :smiley: Any ideas for simple things like tweets or texturing, I’m always happy to hear, the more help the better!

I’ll be honest with this one. I got a bit carried away, but to be honest I was only trying to get the hang of extruding and resizing and stuff. Was just suppose to be a simple body. The main pain with this was there were several vertices at the same point, so it was really annoying trying to select the right vertex. These obviously going to be an easy way around this but I have yet to work that out, so any help is greatly appreciated.

My main hope is to eventually get to designing games. That’s my goal in life (however unrealistic it may be), but I thought I’d try building a level. Not one to use, just one to say I built. This was the building I made, which is clearly basic. I tried texturing and painting it, but the colours were always so bright, even though I wanted dull colours. I’ve decided to leave it for now until I learn some more stuff which I’d like to incorporate into this simple build.

This was the second game I made. Like all the others, I am only going for the basics, just to get the hang of things. But this bit does work. Start the game engine, you move the character, jump etc and the level will reset when you either fall off the level or land on the yellow square. The colours when in the editing part are nice looking and subtle, when in the game engine it’s a lot brighter and kind of annoying.

This was the first ever game I built. A really simple ball game, where the plane tilts with the arrow keys, and you get the ball in the hole. The level resets when either you fall off or get it in the hole. I would like to have it go to another level, so i can add bits to it, any help or suggestions please let me know!

Please remember people that I am a beginner and I am aware my uploads cannot compare with pretty much anything on these forums, so please refrain from telling me how bad they are. I’m all for constructive criticism, but please keep it within reason. Thanks in advance for any tips, help, suggestions etc you may give!

These look decent. This simple game you made is probably better than anything I’ve done. I never really figured out the game engine. The best I ever did was a fake shooting game with cubes that half worked.

Just by the look of these, I’m guessing you’re using BI? I would recommend trying cycles, but I guess that’s not the best for games.

Oh, now I know why you wanted to know how to punch holes in objects :D. Nice use!

Suprisingly, the Building is my favourite one so far. It’s not much but I took my time with it, was nice and simple extruding and stuff and it doesn’t require much skill to add details on it. For instance, the air conditioning unit on the side, and the door. I want to add like a fence along the outside, and a couple more street things just give it some character. I’ll worry about paints and textures another time.

I knew I wanted to make a garbage bin at some point and put it in with the Building. I actually like this bin. And this is it. I did this as it’s own file because Iwasn’t expecting to like it. So I had to append it into the save file with the building.

I might work on a basic drainpipe to go around the top and down the left side. I’d like to put a lamp in there as well, above the back door as like a fire exit light. I can do the lamps and stuff, but not sure how to have it show in the actual image.

I decided to look at some tutorials for simple bones and armatures, to perhaps make an animation of the pig moving. The pig was originally more rounder in shape, but i kind of like the low poly look, plus my main focus is just the basics so the looks of the pig isn’t a big concern. I’ve currently added the bones and I’m just trying to sort out the IK bones, and the bones for pointing the knees. A few tutorials online for now, but if anyone wants to add a tips for future references feel free :smiley:

One thing that you probably want to do with that, is add a sub-serf, it will result in cleaner deformations. Also, do you have any triangles? These will result in messed up deformations.

To make it I was just extruding from one single cube. I looked at having it sub-serfed by 1, and it looked ok, but i think it looks better having a sub-serf of zero. I’ll upload sub-serf 1 as well.

Ok, your pig. I’m just not a huge fan of low poly stuff.

This is him with a sub-serf of 1. Actually does look nice this way. When I went to look at it rendered without a sub-serf, the parts by the under belly were slightly miss-shaped. You can still kind of work out where from this picture. I had a problem with the bones that when moving and rotating, I had to you different axis for different axis. So Z axis was no longer up and down, it was left and right haha! An thoughts?

Yeah, the low poly one looks better. This last one has some weird pinching going on. Are you sure you don’t have any tri’s?

This is the Pig Animation done. The tutorial I followed was pretty complicaed, and was for a human character so I couldn’t follow everything the same way. I like the thought of making a very short aimation with this, so would like to improve it as much as I can. Any suggestions of what I could try? Needs to be basic and if you suggest stuff, I might end up asking for advice?!?! Be warned haha! Any input, as usual, is greatly appreciated.

PS: I can still render a video with the other pig (Lowest poly one), just need to ask. Will look weird putting the same video on youtube with just a squarer pig haha!

I’d say start a separate thread for this, and than I’ll try to help you.