Dante from Devil May Cry 5 try's out Eevee engine

I’ve been playing with the eevee engine in order to have it replace cycles for me completely in the future. I began trying to come up with a short animation to help facilitate learning it. While playing some Devil May Cry 5, I started to have some ideas pop into my head. After pursuing a few different concepts, I finally landed on the idea of this video. Using various assets from a few different games, I managed to complete a small little animation in eevee. In order to give the animation some direction, I used edited in-game cutscenes from DMC5 for the beginning and the end of the video. Had a lot of fun with this project and I hope you guy’s enjoy!

The game footage that appears in this video was captured from DMC5, to which I then added the Ton, blender logo, and eevee 2-D elements to the scene.

For the moonwalk sequence, I did the animation, the shading/material setup, compositing, setting up simulations and various rigging tasks. As I said above, almost all of the assets(models/textures) were from different games, those being: DMC5, Doom, and Pokemon. The only model I put together myself, in line with blender tradition, was the donut.

The sequence was rendered out at 4k using the eevee engine. For the rendering, I split the scene into two separate renders, background and foreground. This became a necessity, since I have about 1000 instances of the spider mastermind character model. Even though eevee could still render the scene without splitting it, the render times became similar to rendering with cycles at 720p. However, by splitting the scene into two, the render time at 4k, took on average about 8 seconds per frame, though each frame had to be rendered twice.

For hardware reference, I used a 1080ti GPU to render the scene. Below I’ve posted screenshots of the blender viewport, so you can get an idea of the scene and its settings. All in all, I am extremely happy with the results and could never thank all the blender developers enough!

Solid Viewport Shading

Rendered Viewport Shading

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this is epic hahahaha

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