The main focus of mine in this project was to create an extremely high detailed character revolving around a gothic theme.

I had to used a lot of reading materials and references when making the clothing, keeping close ties with Victorian designs, I wanted to make the clothing almost heavy and did simulations in Marvelous Designer and then the embroidery in Substance.

The models face and texture used many iterations till I got the face that I originally envisioned, along with the 4k textures and peach fuzz providing a more refined look overall, I am happy with how this turned out quiet close to my original design.

Turntable animation and Rawpoly animation is available here on my artstation

Thanks for watching!

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Cool! Good job!

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Glad you liked it

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I’m tagging this #nsfw for the amount of naked breast in the first image.

okay, ah shit I was wanted to get it featured but well ok

will be featured :wink:

I’m afraid that’s not true.

HAHAHHAHAHA dont discourage him…

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oh no worries, Bart informed me on this on a previous feature that nsfw stuff cant be featured.

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