Daredevil Apartment

(iD4m0) #1

I was inspired by some of the beautiful environments in Daredevil and decided to have a go at recreating Matt’s apartment.

I think it’s a cool effect but I’m worried the windows are a bit too much.
Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

(Timo Kulmala) #2

The windows are a bit off, since now they look like someone has thrown a lot of mud on them. In “reality” they look like they are dusty.

(Peter18) #3

Looking good! I agree, the dirt on the windows is maybe a little to much. Also, might be cool to remember why Matt gets the rent so cheap, and try to recreate that with the lighting.

(iD4m0) #4

Thanks for the feedback.
Changed the windows to be more realistic.
Also messing around with colour management and colour correction as it’s something I don’t have much experience with. Not sure I have the hang of it but I’ll post it anyway.

Maybe some of you can give me some tips.

(Rafal) #5

I’d work on the rug, try and make it look less like a plane and more like the rug in the show. Other than that, I’d let some more light into the scene, I think that OEre0ur.jpg looks much better than the previous iterations. Other thing is the color of the windows. As you can see here: obraz

The window planes have different colors, making the scene more interesting.

One other thing that I also noticed - is it a glitch, or do you have a hole in the drapes next to the rightmost window?

Anyways, pretty cool stuff, I really loved the set design in his place. And the show has some pretty sweed no-cut action scenes!