Dark Bathroom

Hello everyone
I present my first work done in Blender using Corona Render 3.0.


how you use the corona in blender ?
is the blender 2.9 ou 2.79?

I always use the latest exporters for version 2.79 and Corona from:
Recently, Corona 3.0 from this site no longer works (at least for me).That’s why I went back to testing version 1.7. I tried the Corona version with 3D Max or CInema 4D - it doesn’t work either. If you know where to get a working Corona 3.0 let me know.Thanks a lot!

Hey there. For now i couldn t find a way to work corona with blender, i know that is with standalone but i couldnt instal on 2.79.
I think they are working on corona to link With 2.8 so lets wait.
The New blender 2.8 interface is much more frendly than 3ds so lets wait .

Hey Visualcraft, I also hope they are also doing something to connect Blender 2.8 with Corona. It would be really cool!