Dark, dank sewer...

Hi all! Blender noob here, but learning fast! Here’s my first offering…I also have something I want to render REALLY high, but I have old hardware and only 2GB of RAM. Perhaps one of you with the monster gaming machines could render the .blend file for me (?).


Sure, improve your texturing more and finish the scene, then I’ll probably render it for you! :smiley:
I can’t really give you texturing tips, as my own textures are practically sub-standard.

It’s a good idea, maybe you can add some more elements, like a skull or something to make it more dramatic.

Wood work Frankvs!

Thanks for the replies, guys! Def. a WIP, not to mention on-the-fly training haha! Good call w/the skull too, I have a low-poly one I could throw in there…or two lol! My PC is new-ER, but with only 2MB RAM and a 3.0GB Intel P4 (and an ancient nVidia GForce MX-5200!!) I’m rather limited at the time. :eek:

Thanks for the replies and ideas folks!! I’m refining it right now. :eyebrowlift:

OK, I got an idea. Want to throw in a light here too, like a dingy old yellow one. I’ll be dropping the brightness in it for sure, but I’m having this problem. The light passes through the pipe, instead of the pipe blocking it out. How do I get it to not pass the light through, as in this picture?

…and now for something completely different…

The texturing looks fine to me, but everything has a weird glossy look. Not sure if it was done on purpose to get a gungey, slimy look, but you should make some parts of the objects less glossy than others, just to give it some variance. Also, the water seems a bit flat except for the bulge in the middle around the ladder. The texturing is fine but it’s very noticeable how flat it is around the walls, so maybe work on giving it just the tiniest bit of shape. Good work, though.