Dark Gal

um … i need to provide some info for this right? right

she’s young, late teens or early 20s (maybe the latter … i dunno if thats relevant)
the characters name is Dark Gal, she’s a powerful telekinetic working for a secret government organization kind of like shield …

ok i gotta admit there’s some heavy influence from xmen and marvel comics stuff like that what can i say i grew up with the stuff #’ _’#

ok um … i dunno, would that suffice?

Looks good, are you going to take this on to full color and background, or is this the basis for a model sheet to be made?

this looks pretty good but her left foot doesn’t make sense to me isn’t the curved part of the shoe on the inside

Hmmm … I feel like something isnt working here …

Fantastic sketching nelson_press! You’re obviously a skilled artist - there’s nothing I can fault with the current sketch - the neck might be slightly too long but then again it my be a purely stylistic thing. The left foot looks fine to me. The only comment I would make from a concept point of view is that if you’re going for a government / shield agent - her attire doesn’t achieve this for me. For me she needs to look more edgy and streetwise - maybe some body armour - utility belt or something? Up to you anyway :slight_smile: