Dark Interior Living Room (Classical)

Hi everyone, this is my last personal project I made using E-Cycles and blender 2.82
I hope you like it n.n
Render time : 30 min for most of the shots.
GPU: GTX 1060 6GB
I used denoise.

Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/qAgyey
You can buy it from BlenderMarket: https://blendermarket.com/products/dark-interior-scene
(also you can open this scene in the normal cycles :D)


Great one, man. I love the light…


Nicely done mate!:slight_smile:
Any info about the project? I really interested in:
-is sofa made from a cube using Inset face tool;
-the glass shaders;
-are all modeled from scratch?
and of course the render settings(simplify,denoising,world panel;)
Odilkhan Yakubov


Hi, thanks :smiley:

  1. Yes, I made it from a cube using only blender and a bit of sculpt, but the cushions are made using Marvelous Designer.
  2. the glass shader is very simple, it’s only a Glass BSDF with a bit of roughness using a grunge map.
  3. The most of the models are made by me from scratch, only the chandelier and the statues are from internet, obviously they have a CC0 license n.n

The render setting are very simple, for keep the realism I only use simplify for limit the max resolucion of the textures for a less memory usage, also I use the denoiser node from compositor with the color and normal passes for remove the rest of the rende rnoise and I used an HDRI for my world Light.

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Can you show that grungemaped glass shader tesstings in depth and how you composite using denoise node in compositing mode?

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Beautiful work! The lighting is excellent


Super great work!

I really like it even if I am not really the kind of guy wanting to live inside a dark house :laughing:
If you want some of my opinions I will write them bellow but wow man! Bravo!

To better sell the illusion of realism here are my suggestions:

  1. my eyes go towards the Mona Lisa (La Joconde) so then they go towards the “golden statue”. I mean if this guy is so rich he should not have that kind of cheap rug from Ikea. Also, be careful of how the hair particles are on it (especially in these two areas);
  2. the windows walls are in need of new ideas: books/weapons/fish tank… something to go in that area between Joconda/flowers/wall. Maybe move the statue there and make it bigger more in “the face”;
  3. Spotlights look a bit off -> a gentle glow to it maybe? Also a more fat black ring around the emission;
  4. The view outside the windows -> it looks REAL so no problem there. Maybe is too mundane and normal: so give it another try and make it more interesting…

Now you will probably say: wow that is helpful: “make it more interesting” :unamused:
When you make something from nothing, you choose the story, the who is living there, the why, the history, the stuff he does, the age… everything.
So unlike a real situation, you as an artist you can cheat and make all pixels have a meaning.
On Pinterest, I found this more interesting view outside the window. But it can be anything else than that blurry overexposed stuff (that looks real)

  1. Cats are still the s***t on the internet/Reddit so toss one in your picture for those crazy about details :laughing:

Thanks!!, I will consider it for my next projects n.n.

I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!


Excellent work!
How did you manage to pop out two paintings on the first image?
Did you tweaked their value?
Do you have any extra lights that can’t be seen on the render?


Thank you :smiley:

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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I would say a perfect 10

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Looks really good! just one question, did you use Denoise? looks like you are losing a lot of details and some parts are blurry

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Yes, I’m using the denoise node in compositor.

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Stunning renders, but to bad you gve like no info about the project. So nice renders. I cant comments on the rest, since you didnt give any info. Why give the other links???

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WHy give feedback when he doesnt give any info??? No offense, but he posts images, could be done with any engone, bought the models, or what ever. I find it a bit weird. Hes jsut dropping an image without any backstory, why even post it here then?


Spotlights look a bit off -> a gentle glow to it maybe? Also a more fat black ring around the emission;

Those light don’t make any sense at all at that location. There is nothing below and it seems there are placed randomly

THey dont really popout i think, they do because they have lighter parts. They are actually overall dark then the rest, yet the have parts which are lighter then surrounding. They bleed in with the background, but stand out because of the skin tones which are lighter then everythng around. It sort of contrast play.

There is one big mistake though, but i see this in a lot of materials. Everything seems have high roughnes. Like super high. Normally if you look at a painting from this angle with the light from the left, you would definitly see a reflection. This looks actually super fake if you think about it. GO check an oil painting and look at it from an angle in a dark interrior with a window from one side. It will show a big reflection, these look dull and lifeless now.

Some of the best render I’ve ever seen done with Blender Cycles! Love the contrast, the textures and the level of details! Really well done! A question about render time ( with witch GPU?). Thanks!

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Sorry but that Pinterest example actually confuses the eye, its distracting. His render with the light outisde is more realistic, the attention of the eye is kept inside. Whereas with the Pinterest image you can wonder looking outside. Also if you look at it in a photographical way, his method is realistic. You cant have inside and outside light properly at the same time, unless you cheat. But you need to consider, where do you want the viewer to look at. Then another point, say you make an interesting exterior, that means a lot of working making, thats wasted time!

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