Dark Monitor

I’ve noticed that my monitor is pretty dark, I set the brightness and contrast all the way up but it is still to dark.

It’s been like this for years, and I was wondering if there’s some kind of software to make it lighter.

Don’t think it has anything to do with the software, I got a few donated to me that were that way, but they were at least 5 years old, my guess it has something to do with the gasses, perhaps it’s all went out somehow or ran out, however, not sure cause taking a monitor apart would be suicidal.

yeah often CRT’s lose their brightness due to the phosphoresent layer in the screen losing its glow.

its normal.


If you were a technician you would probably open the back and turn up the brightness trimpot… and then burn an image into the front after a while if you made it too bright. On top of that, it kinda washes colour out if you turn it up too far. But it does help.

This is actually quite a hazard to do as you can get a nasty shock even if the monitor is unplugged and has been sitting a while.

There are also colour adjustment ones as well.



Shock isn’t the only thing you have to worry about.

One thing you can try is adjusting brightness (gamma etc) in your display driver settings. Or better (but not cheaper), buy a new monitor. :wink:

Yeah - watch out for extra radiation…and sore eyes…and cataracts…and cancer…

i do believe that the radiation only exists while the monitor it on, and very deep in the tuibe at that. you can get showcked bc of the capacitors in them. however, you may be able to discharge them iif you turn the monitor on while its unblugged. maybe.
i took apart a 17in crt bc its going to house my computer (for an art project) and there were numerous warnings. mostly in german. but, there was a sticker for a high voltage warning:

The only way to improve it is to get a new CRT.

Seems as though the tube is on the way out.


believe that the radiation only exists while the monitor it on

Yes, after you have turned it up brighter, then you turn it on, and now you are copping more.

The answer is to get a new one.

I can get a used 21" CRT here for around $50USD

Lol, same here.
I was thinking of getting a second one, so I have 2 21" CRT’s for €100.
A couple of years ago these things would cost me a fortune.
Now everybody wants LCD and they’re tossing away their perfect screens.
Not complaining though.
If you’ve got a bad CRT, get rid of it. They come in cheap nowadays.

thats what i have now… a very dark moniter even with it’s brightness turned all the way up. but it’s from 1994

i made it brighter by using the video card settings