Dark Rabbit

I modeled this rabbit with blender 2.83
Thanks for the new cloth brush
I would like to use cycles but the render is better with eevee



This is brilliant! Good job!

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Thank you @Calzaath

C’est vraiment superbe. Pauvre petite lapine !!!
Tu comptes rigger ton personnage ?

Chapeau bas Damien et toutes mes félicitations.

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Merci @ridgi976
La pauvre oui mais elle est protégée.
Le personnage est partiellement riggé car j’ai seulement fait une image.

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I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

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Thank you @bartv

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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vaguely reminds me of a fortnite skin!

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I’m so in love with this model. Absolutely amazing.

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Thank you so much @luz_martinez

Absolutely gorgeous and amazing, I love it :hearts:

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Thank you so much @MirceaKitsune

I have noticed some details: the trajectory of the virus’s dispersal comes from the respirator’s exhalation valve, “made in China”, virus shaped highlights…

Please leave the research on the truth of virus to the scientists to do !

Please love yourself, your country, love your parents and friends, and love this community (I believe it is a just community). Don’t post racist or biased “work”. Don’t shame them with your ignorance.

hope you will retract or correct your work. Be a conscientious artist.

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I read [“Learn to Ignore People”] (https://curtisholt.online/blog/learn-to-ignore-people) this afternoon. The “Hate Comments” mentioned in it reminded me of this comment. So I made a self-examination, I think it should be more clearly expressed, rather than labeling people first.

Why would I suspect this work is racist and prejudiced:

  1. The air intake marked with the respirator made in China comes from the oxygen tube, so the right side is judged as the air outlet;
  2. The direction of the virus trajectory is spreading from the inside to the outside, because the virus that originally existed in the air will not form such a clear trajectory, but is distributed. When inhaling, only a part of the surrounding will be inhaled, There is no virus outside of the track, so it is judged that this is the track of exhalation (like blowing bubbles);
  3. The words “made in China” and the image of rabbits, hints from China, about the image of rabbits and China, you can learn about this channel 那年那兔那些事儿:种花家的历史
  4. The COVID-19 coronavirus can enter the human body from the eye. This (with oxygen input) level breathing mask has no eye protection, more like an ornament with no actual effect (similar to 《The Emperor’s New Clothes》);
    The combination of the above points, especially the second one, is the easiest way to form a “misunderstanding” hint that China spreads the virus behind the false mask? Isn’t it?

In my Comments, I used “racist or biased” and “ignorance” to blame the author. It is indeed arbitrary to say this before the author gives an explanation, but it is based on “not a misunderstanding”. If it is a misunderstanding, then this premise does not hold, and the blame does not hold.

I hope the author can refute me, he is not “racist or biased”. I hope I really misunderstood. If it is a misunderstanding, it can be explained in a few sentences, and the misunderstanding can be easily eliminated. I am also willing to admit my “ignorance” and precipitance, but if there is no explanation and no response, there will be no progress. There is an old saying “Put the CARDS on the table”.

Curtis Holt is right. We should indeed encourage people to try to do their own things, but I think it should not include things that are not conducive to human unity. Just like the freedom we seek, it does not include freedom to do evil.

Racism and prejudice are fertile ground for nourishing hatred.
I hope I have clearly expressed my original intention to avoid and eliminate hatred.

This is looking great, i wanna get to grips with Eevee, but i haven’t been able to make good looking hair with it yet. What’s your approach?

Wow this looks really awesome! well done.