dark side of elephants dream

some of you might have heard of “dark side of the rainbow”, where you watch the wizard of oz while listening to the pink floyd album “the dark side of the moon”. the two are meant to sync up quite well.

i’m a big fan of the graphical content in elephants dream, but not so keen on the voice work. i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a piece of music that could be played while watching the movie which might sync up with the action in the same way as dark side of the rainbow?

the movie is 10 minutes and 53 seconds. or 9 minutes and 25 seconds if the music stops before the end credits.

wikipedia entry on dark side of the rainbow.

google video - wizard of oz, pink floyd dub.

master of puppets? (the only song i can think of witch is 10 min long)

do you watch it forwards or backwards?

Trippy dude, trippy!

I would do anything for love - meatloaf

How about 2112? That’s pretty long although longer than the film I think.

You could poke around www.jamendo.com. The music there is Creative Commons licensed.