dark sketches

Here are some sketches I did yesterday. I don’t usually sketch very much, but yesterday I had a real urge to draw these twisted things, on the bus to and from work and late at night at home. I’ll probably be sketching more in the future since it felt very therapeutic.






thats some cool stuff.I like it.

Thanks, good to hear! I almost thought twice before posting these in case you all thought I was some twisted psycho :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent stuff. Reminds me of Hawkprey’s work, and that is a compliment, beleive me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the last one. Disturbing, but really nice.


I’m impressed by your courage, I was always too afriad to draw on the bus; too much chaotic motion!! :wink:

I am also pleased with the style of these sketches, and I thank you for sharing.

Thanks guys!

AROtotheN, yeah I got some strange looks and comments yesterday. Oh well!

Here are a few more:



ver very nice!! arent we all twisted pychos? i am at least, i was wondering looking at that torso, and u were talking aobut it being theraputic, lol

very twisted, apeals to my taste, i like alot

That’s some awesomely psychotic abstarct sick stuff! It’s great! I like your style, and your guts…


it’s not sick it’s morbid, and damn great. it seems like a whole new race of mutants mixed with robots and aliens. great piece of work. only thing i cant imagine is how did u do to draw in a bus

really nice sketches :slight_smile:
with many ideas. lot of fantasy :wink:

did you steal my calculus school book? seriously, i love that stuff, i draw it all the time. almost H.R. Giger ish


Thanks for all your comments!

Ah good, I’m not the only freak that likes this stuff :stuck_out_tongue: I’m also inspired from Japanese comic called Blame!. Maybe you should check it out if you like that kind of style :slight_smile:

wow looks great!!! looks like a film concept art (love it). are you going to model it in blender (oh please do) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

heh, I’d love to, but I don’t have a lot of time for that these days… My current WIP thread was started last November, so it may be a while before I can speed up enough to start something new :wink:

H.R. Geiger would be proud.

I like, I like. Very nice, now if you only took some time to draw those out, put some detail into them, that’d be nice. :slight_smile:

Stuff like this makes me want to get back into drawing ( I used to draw morbid stuff like this when I was about 12, it worried my parents but I loved it >=)).

The thing I love about this stuff is that you spend hours on it (not sketches, projects of sorts) and you’re so proud. :slight_smile:

I love freaking people out too :D!

Morbid art is the best. :slight_smile:

Hmmm, speaking of morbid art, I drew a death (grim reaper) chara a few months back, it turned a lot of heads and impressed my friends, so I know how you feel when people love your style.

Keep it up, I like your style.

Oh and, you must realize, sometimes drawing something in a certain sketchy way puts a eeriness to it that’s wonderful. :slight_smile: