Dark splotches after creasing edges

I just started modeling and using blender this week so I’m probably as noob as it gets.

I’m working on a glass model right now that requires hard edges indented into the curve of the glass. At first I couldn’t get the edges to remain sharp after smoothing. I tried the edge split modifier with no success. Finally SHIFT E + 1 worked perfectly on the selected edges except some edges now show this weird dark gradient splotch that also shows up even in the final render. I have no idea why this is happening. The edges look exactly how I want them to, it’s just those dark splotches are quite bothersome.

You can see the problem on the triangle indentations between the indented diamonds. The diamonds are fine, but the bases of the triangles (even the upside-down ones) show a dark gradient moving upwards briefly.

Have you tried to add an Edge Split modifier ?

Yes, as I stated in my first post, I tried the edge split modifier with no success. The edge split modifier did not give me a clean crease, instead it made the triangles and diamonds into sharp oval shapes that looked terrible. I also tried simply splitting the edges which left me with open gaps between certain edges. SHIFT E + 1 gave me exactly what I was looking for, save for the weird splotches.

Thanks for the quick response by the way.

I think then you will probably need to add “support edges” (maybe use the knife , key K , for this job, or the inset face function, key I after selecting faces, though inset with triangles may not be able to make nice even distance between the edges, limitation of the tool i think)

I tried your inset face function tip and it worked, I didn’t know I could do that. It looks like the same principle as a loop cut but for the interior of a face. The results aren’t as sharp as the crease function that was giving me the splotch problem, but it was good enough (I was actually able to crease the tops of the diamonds without getting the splotches, but that was it). There were also some tiny distortions as a result of the face insets but they were barely visible. I’m also aware that techniques like this could create too many polygons and screw up the image, but for this one all seems well.

I’ll post the results here in case anyone has the same problem and wants to see what this solution looks like.