dark spots on mesh

hey everyone … what are hese dark spot and how do i get rid of them,
i did solve some problems by recalculating the normal outside,
a word about the mesh, it started as a curve, revolved to about 90degrees ,
then mirrored to become 180deg,

thank you ![http://maxwildcat.50megs.com/my_blender/dark spots.PNG ](http://maxwildcat.50megs.com/my_blender/dark spots.PNG )


Try selecting all the verticies along the centerline of the mesh in Edit Mode and scale them down to 0 while holding the middle mouse button. Then hit the W key and choose Remove Doubles. Next select all verts and recalculate the normals with Ctrl + N.

It’s real easy to end up with extra verticies, edges, or objects if you’re not careful. Or to have two verticies which look like a single one until you zoom in on them (Alt + M = real helpful here). Inspect the mesh carefully for these things.

Good luck!

well i did it before and tried again when i saw your message, but no i have single vertices all along this line merged and all

this did not correct the prob,

but thank you for helping :slight_smile: me appreciates the effort


Hmm. Mind posting a .blend?
This has got me curious.

i’m sorry, but i don’t own these files, i am doing this for someone to whome i promised confidentiality, however, since it may be a silly mistake on my behalf, i decided to attach part of the file, i suppose it is safe to do this without compromising my word :wink:

thank you for understanding, plz tell me how you fixed this so i can fix the rest…


Link don’t work.


there is a permisssion issue

goto http://maxwildcat.50megs.com/my_blender/

click on help.blend to download


Sorry, the link still won’t work.

me fix, you try


You’ve got extra faces and edges in the seam.

Go to Edit Mode, Hit Z for transparent faces.

Hit Nub-Pad 3 to go to “side view”. Center and zoom to see better.

Box Select (B key) the verts in the seam and middle-mouse+scale to 0 again. Remove doubles. (34) extra

Then got to Edge Select Mode (diagonal line on far right) and Shift + R-mouse select all extra edges in the seam. (visible at an angle) X key and Delete Edges.

thank you, that worked out well, turned out to be silly after all,
this project is going to autocad to the less edges the better i suppose

i’m sorry to ask this
but do you have a technique for the red component?
(i assume its the same prob there)…


never mind it was a simple vertex paint porblem,
thing is i had a third component with this prob, i looked for extra edges or faces and found none… i fixed it buy simply repainting the vertices…
when i reached the green component i tried to repaint vertices with no avail, when i got to the red part … i go t abit lost , thank you guys, blender(and python) ROCKS… you guys are the best 148 ppl read this post in less than 10hrs no other forum can claim that … :slight_smile:


Glad to help.

If you still notice any black areas, Look for any planes which come together as a T or H. I don’t know if these are a problem for Auto Cad but Blender prefers “L s”.

Anyway good luck with the job!