Dark Squad Teaser Movie released

I didn’t quite know where to post this, but I ended up doing it in the WIP forum. Here is a link to the post:


Tell me what you think!

Nice trailer, very nice indeed. Great game play, but frames/s is much low, but that’s because of the program which made a movie of it? isn’t it? But keep blending. I’m looking forwards to your first demo of dark squad. 8)

Thanks JD. You are vey right, the program that records the screen makes the game lag somewhat. Ah well!

Pretty good trailer, although the music is a little odd? Doesn’t really match the intro if you know what I mean:)

the game looks good but i think the enemies may be a bit dumb - i notice if you get a certain range away they stop shooting? maybe fix this or make it so you cant shoot so far…

Cool trailer…

For a better frame rate can’t you just use a script that saves a screenshot of every frame into a TGA (you need a lot of HD space, but… i guess that works well). But I like the slow frame rate because then I see how the game is gona run in my machine… :smiley:

The music you chose for the trailer isn’t that good you know… it takes out the “taste” of the game… some techno (yup, for me anything goes well with some techno) or some music like the one at the begginning and end would rock… but hey! it’s a trailer…

Besides that, it’s great! (Although the arm looks a little odd…)Hope development is steady and we can have a hold of a demo… not soon… but sometime in the near future… at least :D…

Unfortunatly, using Rasterizer.makeScreenshot() to save pictures every frame slows the game down too. (I get about a 10-15fps slowdown when the script is running :frowning: )

This is true - but when you piece it back together it’s the right speed.

I think there are programs out there that can do well at capturing without ending up with a really slow framerate. Not sure what they are, but they probably aren’t free.

Another option for those who can, is to use the video out of the computer and stick it into a video in on a second computer.

Thanks for the comments guys!
What do you think about the Drum&Bass number we’ve used? -I made it :slight_smile:


hey saluk maybe we should do a video too :wink:

Been planning on it and analyzing video software;)

Just didnt tell you. Hehe.

But I might be able to get the video out/video in to work, that’s probably best.

%| Do I smell another teaser on the way? :smiley:

Do I smell another teaser on the way?

I dont know about Saluk/Doogs, if that was what you meant, but I might make a more proper trailer closer to the games completion (maybe using that python record trick) that shows some of the newer levels and improvements in the game.

The waiting… :slight_smile:

in the other thread rep-re-crea wrote:
… and the frame rate of the movie isn’t that bad…

Okey, the reason why the framerate is looking fucked up is that the program that recorded the video slowed down my allready slow 650mhz.
On my 650mhz with a GeForce2 card it runs with about 25fps in fullscreen, and at Williams (Monkeyboi) 1,4gz with a GeForce2 I think it runs with 65fps -in fullscreen.

It’s NO problem playin’ the game on my PC., but it’s just more nice to play on Williams